All our Illustrations are conceptual. They are designed to show the combination of colors we use, as well as a slightly different perspective. All of them are created manually without any added or purchased items, and are entirely our own. We use them mainly for Social Media, various company brochures. If you want to create something you like and want to be branded, our team can advise you and help you build even whole patterns. Recently, we have also been working on the concept with big names in Fashion circles for the creation of different patterns for clothes and other concepts.

Concept T-shirt

I made sample T-shirts with our conceptual design. We thought they might be suitable for a volleyball tournament or beach volleyball. The color combination here is more versatile and more fluid with elements.

Time for Ice cream

Conceptually, she was on our Instagram profile to break the likes of our team, Mojito and Ice Cream.

Time for Mohito

We decided to do both illustrations in a project for paintings.

Forms & Eyes

This is part of a new concept we are creating for the 88 Studio Store Brand. Paterna is inspired by the forms that 88 studios started 8 years ago. The eyes are inspired by the style of Salvador Dali.

Mickey & Minnie

Our team is often inspired by Mickey Mouse. We greatly appreciate the whole work of Walt Disney. Its colors are a combination that is a challenge to the overflow and the right direction of the color so that it does not stand as a complex color but to attract and be pleasing to the eye.

Circles of thought

These are not usually scratched circles. We called them circles of colors and thought. If you look at them you will feel that you are calming down, as well as you can see interesting things and interesting thoughts arise when you look closely. We decided to create a wall concept to break the same street ads. We hope you like it and think that colors can also soothe and make us think, so they are of great importance for any commercial.

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